Look At What We Have Now!

Rose Chocolatier has a cozy retail/kitchen space in the middle of downtown Los Alamos right next to the MVD. All candies are made on site in our open kitchen where the candy production can be viewed as it happens. Along with our chocolates we serve organic coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Free WiFi, provided by LANet, is available.

We are now selling Hot Cocoa, Dark Chocolate Fudgecicles, Chocolate Mousse, all recipes developed in house. We have select pastries made on site, including: napoleons, cream puffs, kringle, dark ganache cake balls, and more.

Delight in Caramels

Rose Chocolatier Caramel

Taste our Truffles

Rose Chocolatier Truffles

Many Barks To Try

Rose Chocolatier Barks and Toffee